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4 Ways to Find Meaning and Purpose

written by Dr. Tchiki Davis October 14, 2020
4 Ways to Find Meaning and Purpose

What exactly is “purpose”? And what are the ways we can seek purpose? While working on my new program on how to Create a Purpose-Driven Business, I really dove into the strategies we can use to find and live our purpose by creating a social-impact business. Here are just some of the tricks you can use to more easily find your purpose. Here are 4 tricks to get you started:

1. Get Clear on Your Goals

One way people seek purpose is through achievement. To seek purpose through achievement, you could start a project or take on a leadership role at church or work. This strategy can provide a quick boost in feelings of purpose. However, you might feel amazing when you achieve something you’ve been striving for, but don’t expect those feelings to last. So be sure to try the other strategies below to get longer-term boosts in well-being. (You can take this well-being quiz to learn more.)

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