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5 Steps to Put an End to Your Worries

written by Dr. Tchiki Davis October 1, 2020
5 Steps to Put an End to Your Worries

Worries are completely normal. It’s actually beneficial to worry about things sometimes. It helps us identify potential problems. But worry can become problematic when it’s persistent.

Stopping the Stress

Excessive worrying can hurt your well-being (check your well-being with this quiz), and lead to a state of chronic anxiety or stress. It can also stress your relationships, harm your self-confidence, and hurt your career.

Stopping worrying is not always easy.

Worry involves negative thought patterns—patterns that we’ve used over and over again. This can make them deeply ingrained in our brains. So stopping worrying involves confronting our beliefsvalues, and emotions. Here are five steps you can use to put an end to worrying.

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