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8 Powerful Mood Boosters for Strength and Resilience

written by Kathryn Sandford October 29, 2020
Mood Boosters for Strength and Resilience

Learn 8 powerful mood boosters for strength and resilience from Kathryn Sandford. 

COVID-19 has bought significant disruption in our lives. For many of us, it has been a traumatic time as the feelings of fear and uncertainty seem to be dominating our lives. As a result, our mood and energy levels change so much that we feel like we are on a roller coaster ride every day.

Our anxiety and stress levels are what fuel our mood swings and low energy levels, and if we don’t take action to deal with this, we will find ourselves in a place where our well-being is under threat.

Here are 8 powerful mood booster strategies that you can apply right now to lift your mood and energy levels.

Following these 8 strategies consistently will help build your resilience and boost your mood and energy. Your ability to navigate your way through the disruption and uncertainty of life will come from a place of strength rather than confusion.

1. Exercise and Eat Healthy Food

Getting the blues can happen to anyone, and a little diversion can help you feel more like yourself again. Going for a brisk walk, having a game of tennis, or doing a thirty-minute gym class is a quick and easy way to distract yourself from feeling a bit down and boost your mood and energy.

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