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A Divorcee’s Valentine’s Gift

written by Martha Bodyfelt January 17, 2020
A Divorcee's Valentine's Gift

Today, I have a divorce gift for you. Alas, it is not a box of chocolate from CVS. Or a tacky Mylar balloon. Hell, I don’t even have any fancy dinner reservations or a bottle of wine for you. But I think I have something more useful. What I have for you today is a revelation about Valentine’s Day and how it can be a true gift for us… if we let it.

The Only Valentine’s Gift You Need

Let me explain:

I’ll admit it – in the past, I was never a big fan of this holiday. I thought that if you really cared about your partner, or your friends, or whoever, that you should really show that love all 365 days of the year, instead of thinking that you could get away with just buying them a heart-shaped box of cloyingly sweet chocolates and call it good.

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