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A Forgotten Approach to Help Kids Succeed

written by Kathleen Boucher August 3, 2018
Help Kids Succeed

What is one thing that you can do with your kids today that is guaranteed to turn into a life skill that helps them succeed?

You are already a pro at this. Let me prove it to you. Let’s imagine that you want to purchase a car. Where do you begin? You start with a budget and an idea of the type of car you desire. You research the pros and cons of the vehicle that you are thinking of buying. You scan the Internet for first-rate websites and the best deals. Voila! You find what you like, and you acquire it.

Or, envision that you want to buy a house or find a better job. What do you do? You research whatever you are looking for.

Do you get the idea?

Consider what would happen if you taught your kids to do research as soon as they were able to read and use a computer. This is a life skill with endless applications. The only downside is that it takes patience and work on your part to help them until they become proficient at doing the research themselves. Believe me, kids catch on quickly, especially if they are investigating something that they are truly interested in. This is essential! They have to show an interest in the topic they are researching.

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