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A New Perspective on Happiness

written by Dr. Steven Cangiano August 10, 2018
A New Perspective on Happiness

Everyone wants to be happy; it is the great goal of life. What is your source of happiness? Is there something preventing you from being happy now? As I became an adult, these types of questions fascinated me. The purpose and meaning of life, the existence of God, and many other profound subjects, eventually became an obsession. My fascination with the deep matters of life began early in my academic career. Medical education is focused on simplifying complex processes to achieve predictable results.  Our focus was to train students and residents in such a way that they could duplicate success for their entire career. I was a difficult person to deal with in those days because I always wanted more from myself and others. Many people would have politely described me as an annoying know-it-all, and less polite individuals would use harsher expletives. I was the person sitting in the front of the classroom, asking too many questions, taking up too much of the class’ time. I had to know everything on any topic I found relevant. This obsession eventually migrated into my deep fascination with understanding happiness and success. So, our discussion today is about true happiness. We will explore how you can achieve predictable results on the great journey of life.

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