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Adults Fear What’s Already Happened

written by Oliver JR Cooper September 25, 2020
Adults Fear What's Already Happened

When it comes to what someone fears as an adult, it might not seem as though it has got anything to do with their early years. In fact, one might struggle to remember most of what took place during their early years.

Consequently, when it comes to what they fear, it could seem as though these are just fears that they have picked up throughout their adult life. If they were to reach out for support and to go over what is troubling them, they could end up being told that these are “irrational fears.”

Suffering in Silence

Before this took place, however, there is the chance that their fears had been disturbing them for many, many years. Perhaps they opened up to their friends or maybe they just kept what was going on to themselves.

Either way, thanks to what they fear, it will have made it harder for them to truly embrace life. Living in this way might have prevented them from taking the next step in their career and/or having fulfilling relationships.

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