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Approaching Nutrition in an Ethical Way

written by Bill Tara July 23, 2019
Approaching Nutrition in an Ethical Way

Bill Tara, takes an honest look at our food-supply, climate change, and how to approach nutrition in an ethical way. 

In the past several months there have been a number of scientific reports released regarding the benefits of a “plant-based” diet. The response from those in the vegetarian, pescatarian, flexitarian, reducetarian (my favourite is semi-vegan) and even some macrobiotic folks has been resounding. The phrases, “finally” and “about time” and “we were right” were quick to pump up the idea that something big was afoot. Really?

The recent EAT/Lancet study has hit the headlines for a whole day. It is an impressive forty-seven-page report that claims to put forward a radical eating program titled, “Food for the Anthropocene.” Problem is, the primary thrust of the study is not so different from the McGovern Report published in 1977, except in degree. The earlier report has been repeated by the WHO and many international organizations over the past 40 years with regularity. We might ask why, with all this science, nothing much has been done?

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