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Are You Scaring Men Away?

written by Lisa Copeland April 8, 2019
Are You Scaring Men Away?

Have you ever gone out with a man when it felt like everything was going so smoothly? You’re having fun…then he just ends it for no reason at all.

Did you do something wrong?  Well, maybe… it’s possible you showed him one of these five behaviors — behaviors that turn men off and get them running away from you as fast as they can.

Here are the five early dating behaviors you want to avoid and what you can do instead to keep a Quality Man around.

#1 Hiding Your Feminine Side

Today, you’re often expected to be a tigress in the office yet a kitten at home.  If you’re going on a date at the end of a long day at work, it can be hard to make an emotional transition from work to dating.

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