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Avoid Absorbing the Trauma of the World

Who Comforts the Comforters?

written by Edie Weinstein October 8, 2019
Avoid Absorbing the Trauma of the World

Your empathy and strength make you a pillar for others, but how can you carry on living without absorbing the traumas of those around you? Read on for insight on how to keep from absorbing the trauma of the world.

A Reflection

I woke up this morning at 2:09 for a potty break and found it nigh onto impossible to tumble back to sleep. My mind was awhirl with tornado-like fear. I looked around my safe, comfortable house. My life (as unpredictable as it can be at times) is stable. I have dear family and friends whom I love and who love me. I’m also in good health and have the energy to do most of what I want to do. I’ve got right-livelihood work that supports me well. In addition, I have a connection with the Muse who keeps feeding me writing ideas. And I have creative resources and connections for speaking engagements. I am part of a growing counseling practice and am honored that my clients trust me to open themselves up to our work together.

And yet…

This empath has been like a sponge that absorbs what it is immersed in.

Empathy in Difficult Times

I have not been able to disengage from the traumas that are happening in the concentration camps (and yes, they are that) in which our government has imprisoned children. What must it be like for these families who come here for a better life only to find that what they face, in what was touted as a “land of opportunity” that my immigrant grandparents came to from Russia to escape persecution in their native land, was perhaps even worse than what they left behind?

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