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Avoid Saying These 6 Things to Your Kid

written by Marianne Riley August 7, 2019
Avoid Saying These 6 Things to Your Kid

We are humans, we make mistakes. We slip up, and sometimes we curse under our breath or even loudly in front of our children. Don’t beat yourself up; it happens to many of us. However, start being mindful of what you say. I had a parent tell me she slipped up one time and used the F-word,  and her child is now getting referrals at school for shouting the same word. Our children hear us, watch us, and do what we do.

Cursing seems to be an obvious thing to avoid around our children, but there are some other statements that I am noticing are bothering clients of mine and are also just not working for them. I want to share a few things not to say around your kids.

1. Curse Words

Also, see the Why Your Child Curses blog. Children soak up information constantly. They also want to be a part of and experience a sense of belonging, so they will do what you do. Plus, anything that is “bad” to them is also funny.

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