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Be Amazed

Part Five

written by Rick Hanson August 2, 2019
Be Amazed

By “be amazed,” I mean staying open to a sense of freshness, wonder, gratitude, and awe; instead of taking things for granted or becoming numb from the pressure of work and life.

As we move into 2019, here are my Top Five Inner Practices for helping this year be a good one for you and others.

  1. Drop the Stone
  2. Let It Flow
  3. Learn As You Go
  4. “Us” All “Thems”
  5. Be Amazed

While recently stressing about some undone tasks, I glanced in a mirror and saw my t-shirt with a picture of a galaxy and a little sign in its outer swirls saying “You Are Here.” A joke gift from my wife, I’ve worn this shirt many times – yet for once it stopped me in my tracks. In William Blake’s phrase:

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