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Behind Every Disappointment is a Gift

written by Barry and Joyce Vissell July 8, 2019
Behind Every Disappointment is a Gift

There is a gift behind each disappointment and sadness.” These are words my mother spoke to me countless times growing up. I have found that sometimes the gift comes quite quickly and, at other times, the gift comes slowly, perhaps years later. But we need to trust that a gift will come. This trusting can be difficult, though, especially when it appears over time that no gift is coming.

When Gifts Come Quickly

Recently, I had the experience of a gift coming quite quickly. Barry and I work at Esalen Institute once a year giving a couple’s retreat. We love this Big Sur oceanside retreat center dearly. To me, there is no more beautiful place on Earth. Every once in a while, we are able to receive a guest pass, which is a super treat. We always make sure to schedule a massage, as well, while we are there.

Barry was giving a men’s retreat in our home and I needed to find a place to go for the Saturday of the retreat. I was allowed a guest pass to Esalen, which is a beautiful but very curvy drive along the Big Sur coast. Though the drive is so spectacular, I was not fond of driving it by myself. But I really needed a massage and a place to be for the day, so I drove by myself.

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