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A Reflection of 2017: The First Year in a New Universal Cycle

written by Sharita Star May 13, 2019
Being the Light

The following piece is from our contributing author, Sharita Star. It outlines the numerological meaning of 2017, the first year in a new 9-year universal cycle. Reflect on 2017 to enlighten your mind on the journey from here to our current year.

Welcoming a “One Universal New Year”

A Completely New 9-Year Cycle

The year 2016 leaves its distinctive mark on many across the globe as everyone witnessed more than their fair share of conclusions, finalizations, and closure within our human experiences. These experiences dynamically changed our perspectives during the past 12 months as we were asked to choose our courage.

Our human experiences now shift during 2017 into a new cycle that collectively co-exists with our spiritual being.

No matter what the energy of the world at large is, remember — your life is always your individual and unique human experience via your own personal forecast.

The beginning is the most important part of the work.


2017’s Global Forecast

It’s time to activate benevolence, creation, and protection into our practices. In the 12 months of 2017, these are our preferred choices to make sure our motivations, desires, and abilities are responsive instead of reactive. This holds true even when situations and circumstances are beyond our personal control. Our unique goals and aspirations still belong to us amongst all that attempts to distract us, which always needs to be carefully filtered.

The last time the world saw powerful initiations and beginnings was in 2008. Once again, we are amidst an intense cycle of rebirth to allow our proper evolution to unfold in 2017. Overall, this year’s cycle now calls for our loyalty, heartfelt intentions, and focus to inspire anew.

Equally requested is a deeper understanding of not allowing the world’s problems and fears to interfere with what we are meant to focus on within our personal experiences. This is quintessential to comprehend in 2017, as the year shifts into a new course the world witnesses overall.

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