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Being Your Authentic Self

Part Two

written by Dr. Tchiki Davis September 5, 2019
Being Your Authentic Self

 Dr. Tchiki Davis shares the next ten ways you can connect with and maintain your authentic self. Find Part One here

11. Ask yourself what you truly believe.

Another proactive approach is to simply start with pad and paper (or it can be a mental exercise) and begin listing your beliefs about yourself, beliefs like, “I am not good enough. Nobody loves me.” Or, “I’m stupid, fat, ugly, etc.” Then examine each one, expand upon it, and think back to how and when you acquired that belief, who gave it to you, why you continue to hold on to it, and whether it represents “the authentic you” that you want to be today.

Now create positive alternatives to those negative beliefs, such as “I am good enough,” or “I am drawing to myself a partner who loves and respects me,” or “I am perfect just as I am,” etc. And repeat the beliefs as positive affirmations to get them to stick.

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