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Beyond Addiction to Health: It’s Not About Willpower

written by Dr. Margaret Paul August 13, 2018
Beyond Addiction to Health: It's Not About Willpower

Do you say you want to be healthy, yet you continue to turn to various substance addictions? Do you believe that it’s just a matter of willpower?

As we all know, many people in our country are suffering from obesity and major health issues. It’s interesting to explore this in terms of intent.

When a person eats too much or eats junk, the intent is to control. The person is using food to suppress pain – to have control over not feeling painful emotions.

Wounded Self: Control Over Avoiding Emotional Pain

While most people would say that their health is important to them, and they might even say that without their health they have nothing, often something else is even more important – having control over avoiding emotional pain.

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