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Breaking Patterns

Part One

written by Morgan Field November 30, 2018
Breaking Patterns

This is part one of a two-part series. Find part two here.

When I rolled out my newsletter, I promised it was “epic” and “sexy” and that my peeps were going to learn how to create their very own “epic and sexy life” as a result of being on board this “ESY Newsletter Rocket to the Moon”… and then, NADA. Zip. Zero. Zelch.

I dug deep inside and asked myself, “What is going on?!” And sure, I had a long list of excuses that came to mind that could answer why I was not making this a top priority – I’ve been prepping for retreats and events…Costa Rica, Tulum Mexico, South Africa, Toronto, Chicago. I am writing a book. I’ve been connecting with and enjoying my soul-sister friends and enjoying the company of the love of my life. I’ve been spending solo time with yours truly and experiencing some good ole self-lovin’ like doing my nails, getting a massage, yoga, meditation, etc.

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