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Breaking Up

Crying Pretty

written by Jeanette Schneider June 28, 2019
Breaking Up

It isn’t so much that I was broken up with, it was more the timing of said breakup. I have no idea why people can’t admit someone broke up with them, but I’ve had a few friends look at me with confusion playing about their face when I share that this was, in fact, what happened. Maybe most feel they’d be admitting they were flawed, that there was something wrong with them if they didn’t get to the business of breaking up first or refer to it as mutual, it wasn’t working.


Originally, I thought about posting guidelines for men on the verge of breaking a heart, but that seemed trite and neither the ended relationship nor the offender is deserving of trite. It was a very healthy relationship and this is why I had to put cold spoons on my tragic eyelids prior to the LORE photoshoot in preparation for the book launch.

Text to both photographer, Talbot, and Melissa:

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