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Comfort During a Stressful Experience

written by G. Brian Benson September 17, 2019
Comfort During a Stressful Experience

Visualization can be such a valuable tool to help us move through and toward our goals and dreams.  I want to share a brief story with you on how visualization helped me move through a very stressful experience.

A Stressful Experience

I was working as a counselor at a boy’s treatment ranch in Northern California during the mid-1990’s.  It happened to be kind of a rough place.  Most of the boys had been abused one way or another during their upbringing and didn’t have a good foundation of love, acceptance and boundaries set for them by their families.  Because of this, there was a lot of anger and other inappropriate behavior.  Sometimes we had to break up fights or were actually attacked ourselves physically as well as verbally.  It wasn’t an easy two years of employment there I can assure you, but I truly wanted to try and make a difference and help reach some of the kids so that they could have a better finish to their life.

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