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Coming Out to Your Spouse

The Worst Moment in the Life of a Gay Person

written by Dr. Brand Doubell July 9, 2018
Coming Out to Your Spouse

This might be the most difficult deed you will ever have to do in your life. I know it was definitely my worst moment. Maybe I should rather say that the few weeks before I took this step was the worst time of my life. Like every other difficult decision in life, the fear before you decide is worse than the actual decision. I think it might have been easier if I did not love my wife, but in my case I loved her with all my heart – I still do.

So how do you explain that you love someone and yet you cannot stay married to him or her? It is impossible to give a singular answer to this question because it would be different in each and every specific case. In the first place, we all have different personalities; therefore, no two relationships are ever the same. For that reason, I will only be able to discuss a few generalities.

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