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Conquer the Fear-Virus and Thrive

written by Dina Marais June 3, 2020
Conquer the Fear-Virus and Thrive

The Fear-Virus is running rampant at the moment. Even more important than conquering the Coronavirus is to heal the Fear-Virus for good right now so that we as human beings can transcend this state of surviving, reinvent ourselves, and thrive again.

The Fear-Virus

I have been on a rampage this past week about the Coronavirus; the conspiracy theory behind it, the feeling of powerlessness about it, and the urge to do something about it. Of course, we all know that trying to fight this is like farting against thunder.

Then it hit me. Whether you believe in the conspiracy theory or threat of the virus itself, the bottom line is that the whole world has been dumped into a black hole of fear. The mainstream media is doing a great job of spreading this darkness.

And the more we, or I, for example, write about it and share information about it, the more we energize it, the more we add fuel to the fear and play right into the hands of the fear-mongers spreading the F-Virus.

This is much more dangerous than any other real threat because it plays on your imagination and like a virus, penetrates the neural pathways of your brain and poisons it with false information. Your brain doesn’t know the difference between what’s real and what is not.

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