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Considering a Tidy Life

written by Edie Weinstein April 30, 2020
Considering a Tidy Life

RD&T contributing writer, Edie Weinstein, writes about considering a tidy life and the journey her life has taken her on.

A tidy life. I woke up one morning, three years ago, after a fitful night’s sleep due to residual cough and congestion, with those words in my head. Imagining it. I have always wanted one of those. One where all the pieces fall into place, where actions and consequences are in alignment in my timing, not at the whim of some seemingly random force (call it God/Goddess/Universe/Spirit). One that makes sense to me, that I don’t struggle with the ‘how comes?’

Looking for Answers

As a therapist and minister, people ask me, “How could a loving God let…happen?” My pat answer (not sure I can use it anymore with integrity) was, “What if God didn’t let it happen? What if it was life getting lifey, and God is the energy that gets you through it?” I have said all the words, done the dance, put the intention out there and still find myself coming up empty with consistent answers for myself and perhaps even for others.

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