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Couples Who ‘Chore’ Together, Generally Stay Together

written by Dr. Margaret Paul August 15, 2018
Couples Who ‘Chore’ Together, Generally Stay Together

Do you and your partner do chores together? If not, this article might be very helpful to you.

One of the major complaints I hear from my clients who are married is around the issue of chores. I can tell you from my own 30-year marriage, that the issue of chores was a big deal in leading to the end of the marriage.

The Issue That Broke The Camel’s Back

I clearly remember the issue that ‘broke the camel’s back.’ My ex-husband wanted to have our big Thanksgiving dinner at our home instead of at my parents’ home, and I was all for it – IF he promised to help. My experience in the past was that I ended up doing all the work and was too tired to really enjoy the dinner, whereas when it was at my parents’ home, I knew that my father was an equal contributor regarding family events. My ex readily promised to help, but on the day of the dinner, he did nothing. “You promised to help if we had the dinner,” I said. “I need your help.” He smirked at me, going into his usual resistance, and walked away. I felt crushed, and my inner-child was upset with me that I believed him when he so often either forgot what he said or went into resistance.

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