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Create Superhuman Performance

Part Two: Anxiety Over the Meaning, Direction, and Quality of Your Life

written by Patrick Ow March 7, 2019
Create Superhuman Performance

This is part two of a two-part series. Find part one here.

Taking Action and Becoming Future-Oriented

Let us start with five things that you desire to accomplish in the next 90 days.

Build individual goals around each of these five things you want to achieve.

You can even break it down into daily goals.

To realize a given dream, it may require that you accomplish a number of smaller goals.

Think of each goal as a rung on a ladder. Every time you achieve a goal, you do climb that ladder, goal by goal, until you have reached the top.

At that top sits your ideal future life.

If you don’t know how to achieve your goal, you need to truly believe that you can do whatever that is required to get what you want.

The reason why people get stuck in their past is because of our brains. We keep memories, bad ones.

We then learn unhealthy things so that we can avoid taking a risk rather than embracing it.

The foundation of all fear is the uncertainty of outcomes. Our brains do not like it when we’re in situations where the outcomes are unpredictable or uncertain.

All emotional fear comes from uncertainties. Our brain is trying to keep things predictable and certain for us.

This is the foundation of why our lives stay stable.

Unfortunately, this is also why people get stuck especially in their past.

The only way out is to unlearn and relearn.

When a child touches a hot stove, it hurts. It creates a very deep emotional memory that re-orients the child. The experience tells the child that it is okay to touch stuff like that but to avoid the dangers in the future.

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