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Creating a Relationship with Your In-Laws

written by Barry and Joyce Vissell August 2, 2019
Relationship with Your In-Laws

The relationship with your spouse’s parents can be difficult to build. It is hard for parents to realize that they are no longer number one in their child’s life. They are now in-laws to someone and need to build a new relationship and take a backseat to the husband or wife. Penny and Lance found themselves in this situation with his mother. She had too much control over their relationship, and they needed to find a way to create a healthy relationship for themselves and with Penny’s mother-in-law.


Penny was truly upset. One year earlier, her husband, Lance, had convinced her to move with him to the New York City area. His mother lived there and offered to loan them the down payment for a new home. She was most upset with herself for going along with something that didn’t feel right for her. She felt Lance was too attached to his mother. She noticed his whole personality seemed to change when he was around her.

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