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Death Becomes You

What if you just let go? Let it all go? All your attachments: your life as you know it, your identity, what you think of other people, of what other people think of you? All the people, places, things, thoughts, feelings, and values that define you, you just let go of all of it. Any and all ideas you have about who you are, what is and how it supposed to be, vanishing in the distance as you voluntarily let them go? The stories about your childhood, about the person who cut you off in the parking lot, about “How come that person has more than me or isn’t as good?” Who did what to you, who didn’t do enough? Who owes you, who you need to avenge. How you are going to save the world, your child, the animals, yourself.

What if…

You let go of the need to do it right, to be right, to be taller, thinner, better looking, stronger, more patient, have a budget, drink less, exercise more, take back those things in the trunk that have been there for weeks, clean the windows for spring, get a new housekeeper, fire the old one. Look for a better job, reinvent yourself, get liposuction, re-position your brand, redo your bio, get on Facebook, get off Facebook. Botox, blow jobs and low-ash cat food. The Oscars, the Grammies, male celebrities humping 26 groupies, female celebrities’ despicable sleazy husbands, fix up your house, get a loan, speed date, porn sites, pole dancing, Vegas, pay your taxes, volunteer, help your friend out of debt, start your garden, get a SmartCar, take surfing lessons, go back to school.

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