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Defining Yourself, Owning Your Goodness

written by Dr. Margaret Paul October 31, 2018
Defining Yourself, Owning Your Goodness

Take a moment to think about this:

What Defines Your Worth?

Do your intelligence, your talents, your success, your money or your looks define your worth? Does this mean that if you fail, lose your money, get old and lose your looks, or start to be forgetful as you grow older, you lose worth as a human being? Is your worth defined by externals or by your enduring internal qualities, such as kindness, devotion, compassion, warmth, honesty, openness to learning, sincerity, integrity, generosity, commitment, reliability, and so on? Is it outside validation or the inner love of learning that you value the most about yourself? Do you have to succeed to have worth, or can you fail and still find joy in the process of learning and growing?

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