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Digital Age Detoxification

Part Two: Solving Toxicity in the Digital Age

written by Dr. Steven Cangiano July 17, 2019
Digital Age Detoxification

Digital Age Detoxification

The greatest leverage we have on our health and well-being is nutrition. This is the entry point for most people who want to make major shifts in their lives. Your relationship with food is typically the best place to start.  The understanding of how a constant excess of food is an evolutionary mismatch has spawned a new science of nutrition and healthy longevity. During evolution, we cycled through brief times of food abundance and long-term food scarcity. Based on this discovery, there is a mounting body of evidence that dramatically reducing and precisely titrating calories for a limited time (five days) can have dramatic and long-lasting benefits. This form of digital age detoxification marshals billions of years of evolution to revitalize the body at a cellular and organ level. Modern diets keep these pathways shut-off with excess protein, sugar, and saturated-fat-laden foods that make us sick, tired, and obese.

Toxic electrical energies and their direct cellular effects could soon become the major source of chronic disease. EMFs are a direct cellular toxin and require a two-pronged approach: limited exposure and digital detox. With one-quintillion times the background radiation, it is virtually impossible to eliminate exposure. This means that even healthy people will need a digital detox on a regular basis. EMFs cause significant oxidative stress and digital detox offers a proven way to protect, revitalize and rejuvenate the body on a cellular level. This process promotes fat loss and conserves bone and muscle mass while activating stem cells. This is the greatest health and longevity innovation of this generation.

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