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Divorced and Reconciled, But it’s Not Working

written by Dr. Margaret Paul September 24, 2018
Divorced and Reconciled, But it's Not Working

Couples may reconcile after divorce, but that doesn’t mean issues don’t come up. Here is a Q&A exploring some of those issues.

The Question

Nancy wrote to me asking the following question:

“My husband and I were married for fifteen years. Divorced. Reconciled after nine months and remarried. I am having second thoughts about the reconciliation and I’ve become introverted with no desire to communicate or be close. I feel very protective of my personal affairs and feelings. The more he pushes, the farther away I remove myself from the relationship. I feel the relationship is severely co-dependent. How do we break the co-dependency? What steps can I take to figure out why my need to protect is so extreme?”

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