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Do We Choose Love?

Or Does Love Choose Us?

written by Edie Weinstein September 19, 2019
Do We Choose Love?

I am inviting you to take a journey with me, into the shadow and light, the depths and heights, the blessings and lessons. The path is marked with signs at certain spots and totally-winging- it-following- the- inner- GPS at other points. Some might say it is treacherous with winding roads, precipitous drop-offs, and unseen dangers. Others wax poetic about it and tell glorious tales. While there may be a map, it looks different for each person who unfolds it. The journey is called Love.

The Journey of Love

It is our birthright. Each person who arrives on the planet is worthy of it. Sadly, not all experience it to the degree that they deserve. They internalize the pain of the loss of what they might never have had and long for it all their lives. Blessedly, I am not in that group. I grew up in a family rich in love. My parents met serendipitously at the party of a mutual friend. Surprisedly, even though they traveled in the same circles and actually worked out at the same Y, their paths had not crossed…until they did.

My mom, Selma had been in a seven-year relationship with a man I had come to refer to as ‘on again-off again Freddy,’ since they had broken up and reunited many times. He stood her up for a date on New Year’s Eve and she was pissed! Soon after came the party, where he actually showed up and beckoned her over to him. She squared her shoulders and replied,

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