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Eat Organic Food to Look and Feel Sexy

written by Morgan Field October 29, 2019
Eat Organic Food to Look and Feel Sexy

Are you looking to create an Epic Sexy Life that you absolutely love living? A piece of that is looking and, even more importantly, feeling sexy.  It is impossible to feel energized, alive, and sexy when you are fatigued, bloated, experiencing dry or itchy skin, dry eyes, burning eyes, feeling under the weather, feelings of depression, can’t breathe, sneezing, itching, etc.

Please note – Question everything! One study proves something to be true, and another study proves the complete opposite to be true. Right? WTF nutrition?! Get your sh*t together.  How infuriating! It’s because of bio-individuality – one person’s medicinal miracle is another person’s poison. That being said, try things, experiment and play, test what works for you.

You are the scientist in the laboratory that is your own life.

Your body is your guide to your optimal peak performance.  Stop navigating your body’s health with the shoulds of the nutritional world.  Learn about things, and then test them yourself to see what works for you.

This is all about connecting with your body, learning to listen to it, and hearing what it is trying to tell you so that your body can guide you to what is right for you.

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