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Ending the Meaning Crisis

Part One: Humanity’s Most Urgent Pursuit

written by Dr. Steven Cangiano July 27, 2020
Ending the Meaning Crisis

In this two-part series, Dr. Steven Cangiano explains the root cause of the meaning crisis and offers insight into how we can each  find the purpose of life

This is the greatest time in history to be alive. Unfortunately, the fruits of our progress are obscenely stratified. We are amid a loneliness epidemic, increasing anxiety/depression, and escalating numbers of suicides.

The most disturbing trend is that for the first time in history, the younger generations are being most affected by these diseases of despair. There are many causes – accelerating change, unprecedented levels of uncertainty, political upheaval, intergenerational conflicts,  extreme inequality, racism, automation, financial insecurity, climate change, social media, evolutionary mismatches, capitalism for the poor, socialism for the rich, among the traditional existential challenges of life.

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