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Fill That Post 50’s Empty Hole in Your Heart

Here Are Three Step How

written by Lisa Copeland September 23, 2019
Fill That Post 50’s Empty Hole in Your Heart

Often, when I begin working with single women over 50, they share with me that one of the hardest parts of being alone is the feeling they have, of an empty hole, inside themselves. And they’ll tell me the only way to fill this emptiness is with a man and a relationship in their life.

When you’re not in a relationship, it can feel like everywhere you go, all you see are couples holding hands, kissing, and whispering in each other’s ear the private jokes they share.

It can make you feel as if your life is incomplete.

Want to know a secret?

A lot of those married women would love to be in your shoes.

They’d love to have the freedom you have in your life where you are only accountable to you and no one else.

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