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Finding Trust

written by Oliver JR Cooper April 26, 2019
Finding Trust
Being able to trust is an important part of life. This not only relates to trusting other people, it also relates to trusting oneself. Having trust in life is another expression of this. This could be trusting in some kind of god for some, and for others, it could simply be a sense of trust in life or what is known as faith to some people.

Trust in Others

For some people, trusting others is a way of life and something that is rarely questioned. Whether it is a close friend, family member, or a spouse, the same outcome will be expected.

This trust will often extend to people who they haven’t met before and are not very familiar with. People who are classed as strangers will generally be expected to be trustworthy; this is not to say that they are naive.

It is just that due to the expectations that they have, others are expected to be trustworthy. If something were to happen, to lead to the opposite being true, these people will often dismiss it, and put it down to being a one-time occurrence.

Trust in Oneself

By having trust in oneself it will lead to an inner belief that the decisions and actions one takes will often be for the best. If this is not the case and something doesn’t go to plan, acceptance and understanding will be felt within.

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