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Finding Your Special Place

written by G. Brian Benson July 18, 2019
Finding Your Special Place

Do you have a special place that you like to go to get away from it all? A place where you can release the mindless chatter and thought patterns that fill your mind with doubt, anxiety, and fear? Do you have a place where you can rest, regenerate, and reconnect with your higher self? A place that helps you remember who you are and what you are capable of? If not, I would highly recommend finding one.

Here are a few suggestions to help if you are looking:

A room in your house

I remember as a young kid, how I used to love to retreat to my bedroom and get lost in all of my hobbies and interests. I had meticulously decorated my room with posters of my favorite sports and music stars. I could get lost for hours looking at or organizing my favorite baseball cards while listening to records and dreaming.

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