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Finding Your Zen on Social Media

written by Colleen Tirtirian November 13, 2019
Finding Your Zen on Social Media

It’s no secret – social media knows everything about us. From the conspiracy theory that Facebook is listening in on our conversations to linking you with people from high school – people you wanted to forget about – all those years ago (the ‘people you may know’ feature). They tailor-make your experience to confirm the biases you already have; yet, underneath the superficial social interactions and the political drama, there is a way to find comfort in the infinite, hamster-wheel of scrolling that we’ve all probably found ourselves trapped in from time to time.

For a few years now, I’ve been the only person in my household using Facebook. Granted, I am one of only two adults that live here, but when my husband stopped using Facebook, I found myself debating if I want to delete all social media from my life. After much internal debate, I ultimately decided against it for a number of reasons – some of which include keeping updated on my friends’ growing families, staying in contact with friends or extended family that live across the country, or sharing photos of my own family and adventures. Although my husband still begrudgingly uses Instagram, he’s sure to tell me about the latest developments in the media-machines’ invasion-of-privacy tactics.

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