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Four Easy Ways to Love What You Already Have

written by Martha Bodyfelt April 2, 2019
Four Easy Ways to Love What You Already Have

Love what you have

I love watching House Hunters on HGTV. There’s nothing better to do on a lazy Sunday morning, coffee in hand (or let’s be honest… a homemade mimosa) than curled up on my couch watching TV, and shouting at it, telling the clueless couple to go with House #2 because they can just repaint the damn walls instead of making the horrible decision of going with House #1. But lately, I’ve noticed something after watching. Instead of feeling relaxed from binge-watching a silly show, and being grateful for not having to work, I started to feel a little resentful.

I started to think, “Wait, why can’t I have the opportunity to buy a big fancy house? Why am I here instead, in this small apartment?”

And that resentment got me thinking about something that many of us do as we recover from divorce. It’s a nasty habit that keeps us from being happy and able to love this new chapter in our life. So, let’s take a look at that slip-up and learn how to overcome it.

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