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Four Pounds off a Week… by Not Trying

written by Leslie Chen April 25, 2019
Four Pounds off a Week… by Not Trying

My client Alaina is feeling ecstatic lately. The first week she joined my program, she immediately lost four pounds in a way she called “not trying.” No exercising. No calorie counting. No banning carbs. No fasting. No restrictions. And not one iota of stress.

Hear Alaina sharing her amazing experience by clicking here, or if it isn’t convenient at this moment, here’s the abridged version of what she said:

When I took the Week One lesson, I was wondering how this was gonna work because I would say things that I could eat were ‘worse’ than what I usually eat…. I don’t eat any rice, I don’t really eat any carbs at all unless it’s with vegetables, and now I’m eating mushroom, bacon, soy sauce, and rice…. And, oh, the other thing I thought when I was shopping, the chicken thigh meat! We never eat chicken thigh meat because it’s more fatty and it’s always chicken breast. So I was like ‘there’s no way this could work’… you know….

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