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From Atheist to the Joy of Divine Grace

written by Dr. Margaret Paul July 9, 2018
The Joy of Divine Grace

The state of Divine Grace is a most wonderful experience, and it’s available to all of us, even if you are an atheist.

Jerome consulted with me because he felt stuck in his life. He often felt angry and unfulfilled, even though he loved his work. He was constantly anxious over his need for approval and validation from others, and often blamed his wife and children when they didn’t give him what he wanted. His focus in life was always on the outcome of things – how much money he would make, what important people thought of him, and so on.

He made it clear to me when we started to work with Inner Bonding that he was a diehard atheist. A brilliant surgeon whose god was the mind, Jerome needed proof before he could believe something. He had never experienced Divine Grace and had no idea what it was.

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