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Gaining Freedom, Identity, and Purpose

Part Two

written by Patrick Ow September 9, 2019
Gaining Freedom, Identity, and Purpose

 Patrick Ow, shares his journey on how he gained freedom, identity, and purpose by letting go of what others think. He shares how you can do the same. 

What Others Think

For many years, I used to be insecure about “what will people think” because I couldn’t find that place of peace, just to relax, and be myself. It was a constant looking over my shoulder. It was living life dictated and driven by other people. I was not in control of my own life.

In fact, I was living in other people’s dreams.

If you want to be your best and to perform well, the fear of people’s opinion may be holding you back. If you can think about a time or situation when you were extremely anxious – public speaking, raising your hand in a meeting, or even walking through a room of strangers – the only reason why you felt small, insecure, scared, or tense is that you were worried about social disapproval.

 The fear of other people’s opinion can have negative effects far beyond performance.

It can also impact your talents, beliefs, and values. You fear being ridiculed or rejected. This is where you start conforming to what others may or may not think. In fact, this will only harm your potential. You will not go for that promotion because you don’t think you are qualified for the job.

Cultivate More Self-Awareness

Instead, cultivate more self-awareness to conquer the fear of other peoples’ opinions.

Develop a stronger and much deeper sense of who you are through a personal philosophy – like “walk worthy” or “be my best” – and commit yourself to live according to its tenets. Take calculated risks. Be respectfully weird.

Now, I choose to rest in peace for who I am, living the life I choose. I don’t need to know what other people think of me. Who cares what others think of me, anyway? I now know my identity and purpose. I am now free of what others think of me.

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