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Get Healthy Starting in Your Kitchen

written by Bill Tara January 21, 2020
Get Healthy Starting in Your Kitchen

Science is the language of the modern age. It is only challenged by religion in terms of popular belief. Roughly four hundred years ago, science began its steady progress as a social force through insight and invention. The ruling belief in invisible forces driving religion was eventually replaced by the invisible forces of protons and electrons. The accusation of being “anti-science” is equivalent to the ancient curse of heresy in the secular world. Woe be to those who challenge scientific dogma.

Searching For The Silver Bullet

The attitude of scientific certainty in all matters is, unfortunately, wide of the mark. Science has produced astounding benefits but can be notoriously abused. The abuse usually comes from one of two sources, they are the ethics of the application of the discovery and the question of who paid the bill. The fact that inventions and insights are often best left until the implications of their use is fully understood is something that the rush to market often ignores. The same is true of science that has been bought and paid for to support the need for a product or service that is harmful or useless.

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