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Grandparent Childcare

written by Mel Menzies October 30, 2019
Grandparent Childcare

According to AGE UK, more than five million of the nation’s fourteen-million grandparents regularly care for their grandchildren, with 51% doing so for more than five years, and a further 28% for up to ten years.

Payment for Grandparents

At one time, when there was no statutory right for payment being made to grandparents caring for their grandchildren, many said they would find the offer of money an affront.  Nowadays, however, those caring for grandchildren under the age of twelve could qualify for National Insurance credits, which would then top up their income in retirement. In addition to this, working parents can give up the Child Benefit credits they receive and donate them to their child’s grandparents or other adult family members for the previous tax year.

Grandparent’s Guide

The money issue is a relatively unimportant factor in many families. What dominates is the relationship itself. It seems, however, that when it comes to day-to-day care, differences of opinion on child discipline techniques are rife, and emotions can run high between parents and grandparents. Perhaps what’s needed is a grandparents’ guide on how to discipline a child, when that child is not your own.

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