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Gratitude and Grown-Up Shoes

written by Jeanette Schneider November 11, 2019
Gratitude and Grown-Up Shoes

I got a new pair of shoes. They’re really cute, and I receive a lot of compliments on them. They’re the perfect sandals for sundresses and running through airports.

Stick with me. I swear I’m not going to talk about Pumpkin Spice lattes and glitter pens.

I grabbed them during a sniper shopping spree. I needed new shoes for work and quickly pointed to five pairs, tried them on, pointed to two pairs that made the cut, “I’ll take those,” and handed the salesman my card. He laughed, “You are the fastest female shopper I’ve ever met. Very decisive.”

It was simply an errand because I had incredibly important things to do before the beginning of the week. I had big meetings scheduled in Denver, and I needed to get it done so I could run home and pack for my trip.

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