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Healing the Addiction to Food

written by Dr. Margaret Paul August 19, 2019
Healing the Addiction to Food

Dr. Margaret Paul, shares her insights on healing food addiction through the practice of Inner Bonding. 

Hannah was distressed that, with all the inner work she had done on herself, she still found herself binge eating.

There are times when I just can’t stop eating. I feel awful after, but at the time I just want another cookie and another until they are all gone. Or I’ll intend to take a few bites of ice cream out of the carton and find myself unable to stop until the whole carton is empty. I just don’t get why I’m still doing this! And it seems worse since I married Roger, even though I really love him. I just can’t figure this out!

I asked Hannah to tune in to the addicted part of herself, and allow that part to speak about why she needs to fill up with food.

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