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Helping Your Child Handle Perfectionism

written by Marianne Riley September 25, 2019
Helping Your Child Handle Perfectionism

Maybe your child falls under the category of child perfectionism. Maybe they need to have ‘things a certain way,’ don’t do well with a change in schedule, or have racing thoughts and worries. Don’t go worrying yourself; this is actually more common than you may think.

The majority of kids that I work with are dealing with some form of perfectionism or anxiety. It’s super important to rule out autism spectrum disorder when you may have concerns around your child’s inability to be flexible, change with routine, or ‘go with the flow.’ Also, maybe your child is lining toys up in rows or has a fascination with letters, numbers, or colors. This is known as Hyperlexia, which falls on the spectrum diagnoses. Making sure to rule out autism is my first tip!

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