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How I Changed the Paradigm That Imprisoned My Mind and Life

written by Dina Marais May 29, 2019
How I Changed the Paradigm That Imprisoned My Mind and Life

To change your paradigm is simple to understand yet not easy to implement. Why? Because it is hard work and most people become addicted to the unresourceful states and numb to the life they create. In short, it becomes a comfort zone, albeit a miserable one. But, if you can decide to take it head-on, then you are halfway there.

I read the book Building a Story Brand, by Donald Miller. He uses story structures to clarify a business’s marketing message – to sort out mine and help my clients with theirs. Donald Miller talks about the villain that stands in the way of the hero’s success, causing serious, threatening problems on different levels. The hero then meets a guide who gives her a plan to slay the villain, avoid failure, and win the day.

And that made me think of Morgana Rae’s book, Financial Alchemywherein she uses the metaphor of the Money Monster that’s in the way of our abundance and prosperity.

Bringing them together…

The Monster

The villain in our life is our old paradigm – our thoughts of the Old Self, the person of the past and the personality of that Old Self. The Old Self entertains and identifies with these thoughts that created the life that we don’t want and is like the Monster in a Halloween movie. And he is standing between you and everything that you desire.

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