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How the Hell Can I Ever Trust Anybody Again?

written by Martha Bodyfelt October 1, 2018
How the Hell Can I Ever Trust Anybody Again?

Hello, Friends!

I want to talk to you about something you may have lost during your divorce: Your ability to trust again – especially if you were betrayed by your spouse.

The reason we struggle with trust is that we feel like we’ve been betrayed., and it’s a crappy weight to have on your shoulders. Similar to the effects of its other invasive cousins, anger, guilt, and resentment, losing trust keeps you from getting your life back.

But like all the other feelings, you have the power to break free from their hold and regain control of your life. Let’s discover how!

Trust and the Source of Betrayal

Many times, a lack of trust comes from a sense of betrayal – which is exactly what you feel at the end of a long-term marriage. Whether the betrayal was from simply growing apart, or from more insidious things like abandonment, abuse, or infidelity, it’s no wonder why you may feel like you cannot put your faith in anyone anymore.

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