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How to Create a Miracle

written by Leslie Chen May 21, 2019
How to Create a Miracle

I kid you not, I just created a miracle today.

I’m at Starbucks now, writing this piece. In a few minutes, they are closing, and in a few hours, another day is closed. However, I’m so happy now, and my heart is dancing.

Here’s What Happened

I came to Starbucks to finish some work. I wanted to get a green tea, so I headed to the counter, handed a $20 bill to the cashier, and waited for the change. All of a sudden, an idea came up:

Why don’t I make a surprising, anonymous gift to somebody and see what happens?

I told the cashier to keep the change and give the lady behind me whatever she ordered for free. Right afterward, I stepped over to a table nearby and watched.

The lady ordered a smoothie. Just as she was about to pay for it, the cashier told her, “one of our customers wanted to light up your day, so this is a gift for you.”

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