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How to Deal with Feeling Needy

written by Maryanne Comaroto, PhD June 21, 2019
Deal with Feeling Needy

 Insights on feeling needy and ways to deal with the feeling.

Do you disguise yourself as low maintenance, believing that the fewer needs you have the more attractive you are?

Have you convinced yourself that having needs is weak or shameful?

Do people who have no problem asking for what they want grate on your nerves?

Do you fantasize about being swept off your feet by someone who will know what you need without your having to ask?

Well, my friend, you’re not alone. Millions of us have learned to camouflage or ignore our needs to the point of PN: pathological needless-ness! We can’t stop minimizing what we need and are uncomfortable with or do harm to ourselves (or another) to avoid asking for help.

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