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I’m Not Losing Weight, Only Losing Inches

written by Leslie Chen October 17, 2018
I’m Not Losing Weight, Only Losing Inches

Standing on the scale can give you one of the most nerve-racking moments – “What if I’m not losing weight?” “What if I can’t lose weight?” It’s the moment when you get the sentence: Have you made it, or not?

Just a few weeks ago, I received a long email from a reader, Beth. She has been religiously following a diet that she thinks is healthy. She’s also doing some light exercises regularly. She has lost 3 inches on her waistline. But on her scale, it says she has lost 0.5 pounds – after 3 weeks of effort.

Beth couldn’t believe it, so she went to her mom’s home and weighed herself there. Despite the small variance, the verdict was close – not much weight loss was going on.

Still, she didn’t give up. And she went to Target that night and bought a new digital scale, and stood on it right after she installed the batteries. Still the same.

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